ShortPlay: Let’s Play Alone With You

Hello! For today’s Short Play, we’re going to delve into the pixel art point-and-click adventure from Home‘s Benjamin Rivers: Alone With You.

Since the game has recently released on Steam, I thought I’d take another look. Alex reviewed it back in August 2016, giving it a pretty solid 7/10, praising the beautiful artwork and compelling story line in spite of some sterile characterisation and a distinct lack of knowing exactly what it wants to be.

None of that stops me getting my teeth into what turns out to be a bit of a longer ‘play’ than I’d originally intended, though, but that’s probably because I’m a massive wuss and get jumpy every time I see a Resident Evil-esque door transition.


Come with me, then, as we embark on the first thirty or so minutes of an intriguing adventure that’s bound to make you wonder: are there any jump-scares, after all?