Square Enix Announce New RPG Called Project Prelude Rune

Square Enix have shared some artwork on an upcoming RPG from a new development team, Studio Istolia. The game, currently known as Project Prelude Rune, seems to feature a magical world heavily populated by dragons.

We do, however, have a very long time to wait before we see much else of the title. In usual Square Enix fashion, the game has been announced a little early. In fact, the team are still in the midst of hiring all sorts of team members, from designers to programmers to planners.

Studio Istolia, which was only founded a few weeks ago, is currently headed up by Hideo Baba – who worked as producer on Bandai Namco’s Tales series up until 2015’s Tales of Zestiria. Square Enix also explain how the studio itself is named after the Greek word for story.


“The aim of the studio is to provide unforgettable stories that will inspire players in their own lives, and bring new game experiences to everyone around the world.”