‘Stories Untold’ is a Horror Game that Channels Stranger Things

After a lot of teasing over the past week, developer No Code and publisher Devolver Digital have revealed their new project, Stories Untold – and its arriving in less than three weeks. It’s spooky, it’s got a synth soundtrack and a lot of CRT monitors – a few things Stranger Things fans may be familiar with.

The game styles itself as a compilation video-tape – yeah, that old – of four episodes, along with a remaster of the ‘Pilot’ episode. The House Abandon – the Pilot episode – was a free, horror game released by No Code last year to much acclaim. Well, as much acclaim as a, mostly, text-adventure can get.

The title will, presumably, continue The House Abandon’s premise of you playing an in-game text-adventure while the surrounding environment continously changes – and becomes a little scary. The title also boasts the odd achievement of being developed by a Scottish studio – which, while obviously being the best country on Earth, doesn’t see too many game developers pass through. I’m not biased, promise.


Stories Untold is set to release for PC on Steam and GOG on February 27, 2017. You can check out the trailer below – and head over to the Steam Page to see an official poster designed by the Stranger Things artist, Kyle Lambert.