So you like playing games with other people, you strange, sociable creature? Huh. Well, okay then.

While PC is undoubtedly the main home for the true MMO and MMORPG experience, there is a growing number of massively multiplayer experiences on PlayStation 4, too. Some of the most popular MMORPGs have spilled over onto console, many allowing for crossplay with PC players. Even better, many of the MMOs available on PS4 are free to play.

Here's our list of the 10 best MMORPGs on PS4, with #1 being our top choice. Enjoy!

10. Destiny

Pricing model: Buy-to-play, additional DLC available

Okay, so Destiny isn't an MMORPG in the classic, World of Warcraft-y sense of the word – but it's a shooter with RPG mechanics that allows for online multiplayer. Close enough, right?

Like many classic MMOs, Destiny has regular online events and encourages you to team up with friends or likeminded gamers in order to be as successful as possible. Sure, you can go it alone – but chances are, you'll get the floor wiped with your battered and bruised digital carcass. Destiny is a game that's designed for playing in a group; what could be more MMO-ey than that?

9. Onigiri

Pricing model: Free-to-play, optional in-game purchases

While it claims to be a fully-fledged MMORPG, the lack of fanfare about Onigiri online suggests that trying to find anyone to actually play the game with might be easier said than done. Still, if it turns out that people do wander the lobbies like lost souls – or you happen to have a couple of friends who can play with you – it might just be worth checking out.

A game with roots firmly in Japanese folklore and fairytales, you'll traverse ancient Japanese environments and face off against mythological apparitions. It's colourful and cutesey, but has some pretty deep character building and battle mechanics available. Unfortunately it's not available in all regions – we're unable to download Onigiri on the UK PSN store, but it's available in North America, so if you want to download it from another region you'll have to create another account.

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