Top 10 MS-DOS Games That You Really Should Play

8. Star Wars: Dark Forces (1995)

Developer: Lucasarts

An FPS set in the Star Wars universe was every 90’s nerd’s dream. Thankfully Star Wars: Dark Forces delivered and then some! It took many of the established genre conventions from games like Doom and improved on them. It was one of the first MS-DOS games to give players the ability to look up and down, crouch and jump as well as featuring level maps that had multiple floors that were able to be stacked on each other. Though modern gamers might laugh at these innovations, at the time they were incredibly important and considered game-changers. Dark Forces also featured relatively complex puzzles, further protecting this game from becoming just another run-of-the-mill shooter.

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7. System Shock (1994)

Developer: Looking Glass Technologies

At the time of its release, System Shock was regarded as being a revolution in game design, especially within the FPS and RPG genres. Set in 2072 on a futuristic, cyberpunk spacestation, it featured excellent emergent gameplay. Praised for its innovative story telling and immersive atmosphere, it went on to gather a cult status which few games have matched since. The game’s antagonist, the malevolent computer AI SHODAN constantly taunts and hinders the player throughout the game. Both Bioshock and Deus Ex can be seen as spiritual successors to System Shock and its 1999 sequel.

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