Top 10 MS-DOS Games That You Really Should Play

4. Day of the Tentacle (1993)

Developer: Lucasarts

The Monkey Island series, Sam and Max Hit the RoadFull Throttle: all classics of their genre. But for me, the champion of the point-and-click adventure game is Day of the Tentacle.  This absurd tale about a crazed purple tentacle trying to take over the world is thoroughly hilarious and was one of the first games to feature fully voiced characters. It was recently remastered for PS4, PSVita, Windows, Linux, OSX and iOS.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered is available to buy from

3. Theme Hospital (1997)

Developer: Bullfrog Productions

By far the best of the Theme series, MS-DOS game Theme Hospital is a business management sim like no other. Design and run your hospital however you see fit. You’ll need to build quirky diagnosis and treatment rooms to cure such ailments as Hairyitis and Bloaty Head, employ staff to make sure your hospital runs efficiently, decide which new treatments to R&D; all whilst keeping the books balanced. Its art style is timeless, its soundtrack fantastic and its filled to the brim with humour. An absolute gaming classic for all ages.

Theme Hospital is available to buy from