Top 10 MS-DOS Games That You Really Should Play

2. XCOM: UFO Defense or UFO Enemy Unknown (1993)

Developer: Microprose Software, Mythos Games

This hard-as-nails strategy game mixes real time management with turn based-tactics. The player is tasked with defending earth from an invading alien force. Battles are turn-based and take place from an isometric view. However, players must also strategically manage their available resources to develop new weapons, tactics, build and upgrade their bases and manage their staff and finances

Definitely one of the best MS-DOS games – perhaps even PC games – of all time, XCOM: UFO Defense is absolutely a must play for any strategy fan. The recent reboot XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its sequel by Firaxis Games are worthy re-imaginings of this classic game.

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1. DOOM (1993)

Developer: ID Software

The world today would be a different place if it wasn’t for DOOM. It’s hard to understate the impact of this pioneering first-person shooter. Initially released as shareware in 1993, it quickly gathered legendary status with its mix of super fast combat, extreme violence and an iconic metal soundtrack. It oozed style and attitude – like a gaping wound from a super-shotgun blast to the face of a Cacodemon.

The 2016 DOOM reboot was a welcomed suprise. It stayed true to its roots, forgoing current FPS conventions like regenerating health and reloading – and was all the better for it.

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