Twitch Will Begin Selling Games In Move To Support Streamers

Streaming giant Twitch is to begin selling games in a new scheme to support streamers. Launching later this year, it will mean viewers can purchase a game straight from Twitch – with a cut of the money going to the developer, streamer and Twitch themselves.

For each purchase, a streamer will earn 5% of the game’s price and the buyer also gets a ‘Twitch Crate’ full of goodies such as bits. The service is not a storefront, however, and while buyers will need to use the Twitch Launcher to redeem their game – it can be redeemed on other services such as Uplay.

It’s certainly a good move for streamers and comes from the right company to provide more competition against Steam – Twitch is owned by Amazon, after all. Certain games’ success thrive off streaming – the recent Conan Exiles being a perfect example.


However, it does raise more concerns over just how much streamers are ‘Paid Advertisers’. Many publishers and PR companies often refer to them as ‘Influencers’ but now, when a streamer is making money from a product they are playing, it may raise further questions.

Twitch is set to launch the program later on this year and will immediately begin with a barrage of support from various developers and publishers. Supporters include, “Raw Fury, Ubisoft, Tiny Build, Digital Extremes, Telltale Games, Campo Santo, Devolver Digital, Fred Wood, Gambitious, Hi-Rez Studios, Ink Stories, Paradox, Proletariat, Versus Evil, Trion Worlds, Vlambeer, Bit Studios, Blue Mammoth Games, Jackbox Games and Double Fine Studios.

An impression of what the service will look like.