Watch TimeSplitters Rewind’s three-minute teaser of nothing

It looks like the unofficial, fan-remake of the classic Crytek shooter is closer than ever. The latest teaser trailer for TimeSplitters Rewind reveals its expected launch date has moved from 2018 to 2017 – and not much else.

The teaser, which clocks in at two-minutes and twenty-seven seconds, shows off absolutely everything you’ve been waiting to see from the title. Well, if what you’ve been waiting for is nearly three-minutes of slowly-moving green crystals and a logo. It’s a shame, as if you do actually want to see some shots from the game, you can easily head over to the TimeSplitters Rewind website for various shots of weapons models and the like.

It does look, however, that the title just might make it to launch. The title, which is set to release for free on PC and PS4, isn’t being developed by Crytek – who currently own the IP. Usually, fan-games with this much traction get quickly shut-down by the IP owner’s legal department. So far, Cinder Interactive Arts have been lucky and haven’t received any such notices.

Unless any worrying developments occur, expect TimeSplitters Rewind sometime this year on PC and PS4. It is set to launch as a multiplayer-only collection of maps, weapons and characters from the three original games.