What’s Better: Console or PC Gaming?

Console or PC? We all have our preferences, but when it comes to which is the best, it’s an age-old question that nobody will ever have a definitive answer for.

Usually, those entering the gaming world start off with a console, either picking up an Xbox One or PS4. However, there is another option: PC gaming. Some people shy away from PC gaming because of the high initial cost. Here, I’ll break down the PC gaming vs console debate into various categories.


Consoles are, initially, the cheaper option. The Xbox One and PS4 are both priced around £250/$300 whereas a standard PC gaming setup might cost upwards of £600/$750 – much more if you want a more powerful machine.


However, games for consoles are generally much more expensive than PC games. As a PC gamer, you have a tendency to recover the initial losses over time, in view of the fact that online multiplayer is free on PCs. On the other hand, both PS4 and Xbox One require you to have a subscription to be able to play online, costing up to £40/$60 a year. In this regard, buying a gaming PC is perhaps cost-effective than buying a console in the long run.


As per the modern computing standards, consoles are weak in terms of their specs. Any straight gaming PC will likely be more commanding than the PS4 or Xbox One, and even the most average PC will likely have better hardware. On paper at least, PC gaming seems the best option if you care about power and performance.

However, PCs are designed to do a multitude of tasks where consoles are designed specifically to run games. You install your game, and you’re ready to go. PCs often require a lot of fine-tuning in regard to graphics and performance options in order to run to their potential. If you’re tech-savvy, it’s no problem, but if you just want to sit back and enjoy a good game, then consoles are the obvious choice.

Controls and ergonomics

Consoles are designed to work with wireless controllers which are easier to use than keyboard and mouse in most cases. Your console can also be hooked up easier to a big TV. So what, you say. You can do those things with a PC too. Sure, but it’s a bit more work. Wireless controllers require drivers to be installed, and gaming PCs are bulkier and have more wires and connections, so are trickier to hook up to a standard TV – unless you have the extra space.


The PC is king in terms of customisation. You can open them, purchase new parts, and restructure them. With a console, you have to make use of the same machine until a new version is released.

Most PC gamers upgrade their machine every year or so. Customisation goes far ahead of simple hardware, too. In addition, PC gamers have access to mods and player-developed downloadable content that can add to your gaming skill.

Games library

While Xbox One and PS4 both have a pretty extensive games library, it’s nothing compared to PC. Steam alone has thousands of games, and alongside those, there are a plethora of games you can play in your internet browser.

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Whether you prefer to game on PC or console will depend on how you like to play. Both have their own positives and negatives, and the fact of the matter is neither one is better than the other. It’s entirely a personal preference.