Your Xbox Live Games with Gold Offerings for March 2017

Another month means another handout of games for those with an Xbox Live subscription.

This month’s offerings are a mixed bag, but they’re still worth trying – if only for the handful of free and easy achievements you’ll assuredly obtain. Anyway, without further ado, March’s Xbox Live Games with Gold offerings are as follows:

Xbox One

Layers of Fear – Available 1 – 31 March


Probably the highlight of March’s games for Xbox One owners, Layers of Fear is a fantastic horror game brought to you by Bloober Team.

Taking inspiration from the ill-fated P.T., Layers of Fear has you wandering around a creepy house in first-person, solving puzzles and piecing together fragments of a grim story that will truly get under your skin. Oh, and lots of freaky occurrences happen around you too. Are you brave enough to reach the end of this horror masterpiece?

Read our review of Layers of Fear.

Evolve: Ultimate Edition – Available 16 March – 15 April

Ever fancied working as team to take down gargantuan monsters? If you have, then Evolve is the game for you.

Bundling the base game with a fair amount of DLC, Evolve: Ultimate Edition should scratch the itch for multiplayer gamers out there looking for something to occupy their time on a budget. Now that it’s being given away for free, the servers for it may have a bit more life to them too, which can only be a good thing.

Xbox 360 (Compatible with Xbox One)

Borderlands 2 – Available 1 – 15 March

Borderlands 2 is already available on Xbox One thanks to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, but those looking to play through it again for the achievements or have yet to jump in to its humorous delights should be thrilled that it’s included in this month’s Games with Gold offerings.

Loaded with more loot than you can shake a stick at, you must download Borderlands 2 if you don’t already own it.

Heavy Weapon – Available 16 – 31 March

It’s a game called Heavy Weapon developed by PopCap Games that was released way back in 2005. That’s all we know about it really. Still, it’s free, and it’s supposedly quite good. May as well give it a download, eh?

And that’s your lot for March. Happy? Disappointed? Let us know in the comments section below!