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10 Video Game Houses You Just Wouldn’t Want to Buy

Imagine for a moment, the plight of the Yharnham property developer.

Once a charming and idyllic Victorian town, lately Yharnham has been transformed into a terrifying and nightmarish hellhole. The town’s newest inhabitants are rather inconsiderate when it comes to showing prospective buyers around, attacking and murdering all outsiders on sight. Not to mention, recent sightings of the mythical “Cleric Beast” in central Yharnham. The town’s local eccentric Father Gascoigne, hasn’t quite seemed himself lately either.

Once your game has finished, spare a thought for the unsung heroes of these video game worlds we love so much. The cleaners, doctors and in this case, the salesmen that have to pick up the pieces once our gaming exploits are over, and sell the affected property.

These are the top 10 properties with the lowest resale value in video games.

Hillside Condo, Vinewood Hills (Grand Theft Auto V)

Currently owned by Martin Madrazo, this stunning property offered breath-taking hill-top views of Los Santos. Unfortunately, due to an engineering miscalculation, one of the building’s supportive struts mysteriously gave way. The house was partially destroyed as it tumbled down the hillside. Looking for a quick sale by the owner.

Downtown House (Who’s Your Daddy)

When valuing the property, several deceased infants were found in various unlikely places around the house, including toilets and in the oven. The police put the deaths down to neglect on the part of the parent, specifically the father. The house is available immediately with all current furnishings. Despite the oven being in full working order, the seller recommends that is replaced.

St John’s Dairy Farm – Macon, Georgia (The Walking Dead Season 1)

Previously owned by the St John family for generations, this large acreage farm includes a barn and a number of out-houses. The plot also features a surrounding protective fence that encompasses the entire property. The once highly respected St John family were all murdered by the “walkers”. However it was later discovered that they had also been cannibals, incarcerating, then butchering locals and farmhands in a secret slaughterhouse.  This exclusive property is now on the market and is sure to be taken quickly.

Edison Family Mansion (Maniac Mansion)

This secluded, rustic mansion is ideal for the scientifically minded as it comes a with fully kitted-out laboratory. Previous owner Fred Edison, was known locally as being somewhat of a genius. However, nobody could have imagined he was capable of the bizarre creations found in his lab, namely the two disembodied tentacles found lurking in the mansion’s hidden dungeon. The property needs a little repair work and a healthy dose of TLC, which is why the asking price is soooo reasonable!

Traditional townhouse, The Village, Spain (Resident Evil 4)

Set against the rural backdrop of the beautiful Spanish countryside, this is an ideal home for someone wanting to immerse themselves in the rich, local culture. Nearby places of interest include a prominent bell tower and the village farm. You may be suprised to learn that close to the village is a large underground bunker complex, designed to store weapons and ammunition in case of an attack. Due to recent strange goings on in the village, the current owner is willing to be very flexible with the asking price.

Contained Suburban House, Silent Hills, US (P.T.)

Unfortunately, due to the murder-suicide of the previous occupants, this stunning property is back on the market. This unique one-of-a-kind house features a corridor stuck in a time loop,  crying baby fetuses and the terrifying ghost of Lisa, who still stalks the house’s corridors. Unfortunately these factors have deterred previous potential buyers whilst we say it adds character to the property!

Washington Estate, Blackwood Pines, Canada (Until Dawn)

The tragic death of sisters Hannah and Beth shook this quiet, mountainous community back in 2014. One year later, several other deaths were reported at the estate. The majority of the property was destroyed in a gas explosion leaving plenty of  scope for redevelopement of this once prestigious property. Nearby landmarks include an abandoned sanitarium and a rickity mine. These should give plenty of reasons for any budding explorers with nerves of steel to snap up this incredible offer.

Curien Mansion, U.S (House of the Dead)

Dr Curien was once a renowned biochemist and geneticist. Unfortunately his research took a turn for the worse when he started reanimating long-dead corpses. A lot has changed since these hellish abominations walked this mansion’s hallways. Steeped in local history thanks to the now infamous “Curien Mansion Incident”, this property is a must-view for any history buffs. Make sure to take the time and explore Doctor Curien’s DBR Research Facility that is housed within its walls.

2. Brennenburg Castle, Altstadt, Poland (Amnesia – Dark Descent)

This simply stunning, late 16th century castle is the ideal home for anyone that’s ever dreamed of owning their own piece of history. Several of the castle’s areas have fallen into disrepair over the years but this shouldn’t deter any potential buyers. See it as a challenge rather than a glaring health hazard! The events of August 1839 have only gone to solidify this castle’s place among the top echelon of spooky (not haunted) buildings in the world.

Baker Family Mansion, Louisiana, U.S. (Resident Evil 7)

Very little is known about the reclusive Baker family that once owned this property. Only recently on the market, this large estate features a main house, several outhouses, a trailer and a small dock, perfect for fishing lovers! Due to neglect, several of the buildings are in need of some light repair work as well as a cleaning crew with stomachs of stone. Though don’t let appearances fool you! A little elbow grease could turn this property into your dream home.

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