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17 Tips and Tricks for Surviving the World of Horizon Zero Dawn

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We’ve had almost a couple of weeks with Horizon Zero Dawn and that’s been ample time for exploring, machine hunting and finding little tips and tricks that will help you on your journey across this machine-fested land.

For both beginners and now veterans, here are some little pointers that will help you survive the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Switch HUD to Dynamic Mode

It’s not vital, but I’d 100% recommend it. Go into Settings and change the HUD to Dynamic Mode. The default display feels very overcrowded and takes away from the beauty and visuals of the game. Dynamic Mode doesn’t take anything away, but when an icon isn’t in use, it disappears. Only the essentials remain. It’s a much better way to play the game.

Get the Slow-Motion Skill Early

An absolute essential! Even if a machine is running away, they are fast and hard to hit accurately without the Concentration skill. Hitting canisters or other weak spots requires precision if you want the greater rewards so make sure the first thing that you unlock is this one.

Get Stealth Strike Early Too

The second one to get is the Stealth Strike. There’s no need to explain this one. It appears in pretty much every game. Hide in the tall grass and wait for them to get close, then silently take them down. Can be very useful when you’re surrounded by hostiles and are not powerful enough to take them all on at once.

Never Stop Foraging

It doesn’t matter if you are Level 5 or Level 50: never stop foraging for herbs! Even if you have health potions, having a reserve of herbs means you’ve got an emergency health patch if you ever get into a sticky situation. If you see herbs, pick them.

Buy a Rope Launcher

The Rope Launcher is a handy tool for taking down pretty much any machine, but in the early stages, it’s a godsend. The Rope Launcher essentially ties down a machine that opens them up to either, overriding or striking a critical hit. It’s easy to deploy and can turn the ties of any fight.

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