17 Tips and Tricks for Surviving the World of Horizon Zero Dawn

Learn the Colour-Code for Loot

Loot is put into one of four categories and each has a colour that identifies it. White = common, Green = uncommon, Blue = rare and Purple = very rare. It’s wise to pick up all loot as a beginner, but once you start progressing, don’t walk past anything Blue and Purple. If you don’t need it, or use it, then it will fetch a price with any merchant.

Switch Up Weapons In Combat

Aloy only has space for four weapons at a time, but you can carry more in your inventory. Weapons have specific attributes (freeze, shock, fire, etc.) which are useful against certain machines. If you run out of an ammo type, pause the game, switch in a new weapon and let loose. Handy tip to know.


Save Regularly

Horizon Zero Dawn does have autosave, but it only tends to trigger once you’ve entered a conversation with someone, or triggered a new mission. If you’re off hunting in the wild, you won’t have that luxury. Get into the habit of saving often. Find a camp fire, select Quick Save and then be on your way. Otherwise, if you fall victim to a machine after acquiring some rare loot, you can say bye bye to all that hard work.

Do the Tutorials

Tutorials pop up whenever you purchase a new weapon, but each quest can give you at least 5,000 experience points for something as simple as killing a couple of machines. Two or three of these tutorials could mean a level up which means another skill point which means another advantage over the machines.

Purge Your Inventory

Hoarding is useful but you’ll soon get a flavour for what you need and what you definitely don’t. It’s always best to unload and sell off your unwanted goods to make room for rarer loot you come across. If you’re not sure what to sell, look at the description box. It tells you what each item can be used for. If it simply says, ‘sell for shards’, sell it for shards.

Treasure Boxes

Treasure boxes are rewarded to you after certain quests, but they are easy to forget about. They’re tucked away in your inventory, but it’s worth opening them to find out what goodies are inside, even if you end up selling them.

Don’t forget to check with Merchants as well. They often have sample boxes that may not contain much, but who says no to free stuff right?