17 Tips and Tricks for Surviving the World of Horizon Zero Dawn

Do your Research

Every time you encounter a new machine in Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll get a notebook entry that details all their strengths and weaknesses. This information is vital if you want an easier time trying to take them out.

Use Focus Before Engaging a New Machine

Before attacking a machine, it’s always best to scan them first. Its weak spots will be highlighted in yellow and if you can, hit them hard and hit them fast. You can use your Focus in battle to pinpoint its weak spots, but it’s not as easy, especially when your prey is moving around like a maniac.


Buying arrow types from merchants unlocks them

A handy thing to know that the game does a poor job of telling you: certain bows can only fire certain arrows, which means switching them up before a fight is always advised. But your standard bow (and its variants) can fire up to three different arrow types, which can be purchased from merchants throughout the world. Once they’re purchased, you will then be able to craft them.

Unlock TearBlast Arrows

Speaking of arrows, Tear Blast Arrows are a great asset, especially when it comes to bigger machines like Thunderjaws, Snapmaws and Stormbirds. If you locate the yellow weak spots, aim as close as you can and the Tear Blast unleashes a delayed shockwave that greatly damages those areas. Hit the bullseye for maximum damage.

Target Weapons before Armour

This won’t apply to most machines but to others like the Stalker, which has a rather nasty turret on its back, it’s worth taking out the weapon first, before taking out the armour. It lowers the threat level and its ability to attack from a distance, giving you the advantage.

The Golden Fast Travel Pack

Fast travel isn’t free. You can craft Fast Travel packs for quick and easy navigation, but it’s often more beneficial to travel on foot. You’ll level up faster, forage more resources and generally have a better time exploring.

But if you really want to fast travel for free, you can buy a Golden Fast Travel Pack from a handful of merchants with the crosshair symbol, once of which you can find outside of Meridian’s long bridge.

And there we are. A collection of tips and tricks to help you survive the world of Horizon Zero Dawn and make your experience a little easier. Do you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.