Aaero is an Exhilarating and Intense Rhythm Shooter

At an ID@XBOX event in London this week I was able to try out some great new titles due for release soon.

One such game was Aaero, a rhythm based space flight game. That must sound intense to read and understand but that is Aaero in a nutshell. Intense.

A neon starship following ribbons of light to electronic music may sound like a typical Saturday night for some, but in Aaero it is an exhilarating and unique experience. Controlling a spaceship with one joystick you must trace ribbons that form in the sky while using your other joystick to lock on to enemies.

However, Aaero is predominately a rhythm game, and a pumping electronic soundtrack helps you take on these daunting tasks – providing you have at least some sense of rhythm, that is. The light ribbons follow the music and you effectively release the melody by following them. This becomes extreme and extremely addictive.

When enemies come, you can gain embrace the music to help time the best attacks. With enemies always taking hits on the beat, it is best to fire on the offbeat in order to get the most shots off. The manual even explains this in musical terms – 1/16th before the beat is best!

Following these tricks and tips is truly fun and makes Aaero a decent time-sponge. What sets it apart is its brilliant music and the great boss battles. And tie me to a tree and call me treacle, but the boss battles are amazing! Everything from the way the bosses look to how you bring them down is amazing. The sense of gravity and scale is hard to not see and makes for memorable and hard encounters.

At the end of the day, Aaero is a highly polished rhythm shooter that looks and sounds amazing. There isn’t much more I can say apart from testify to its addictive, competitive nature. It is one you will need to try out for yourself as there isn’t much like it out there!