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Drawn to Death Will Be Free For Playstation Plus Members In April

Usually Playstation Plus game announcements are left a little later than this but Drawn to Death is one of next months free games. The hero shooter/brawler, taking place in a, quite literally, hand-drawn world, will be free to all PS Plus members in April.

The game is developed by the ever-so-memorable The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency – led by David Jaffe. Jaffe was previously known for his work as director and designer on various God of War and Twisted Metal games before forming his own studio.

The game is stylised as “coming from a high-school kid’s notebook” along with fast-paced, multiplayer action. Jaffe talks in-depth about the upcoming title over on the Playstation Blog – detailing some of the new features.

Included is talk on the ‘Character-centric missions’, where each of the six playable characters also have mini-campaigns of their own. Mystery boxes which, unsurprisingly, include new character skins and taunts. Jaffe also details a variety of the game-modes available including ‘Climb the Tower’ and ‘Sphinx Missions’.

Drawn to Death will be available to PS Plus members free on April 4 – otherwise, the game can be purchased for $19.99.

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