Ten Tips For Getting Started in NieR: Automata

Nier Automata 1

NieR: Automata has, finally, been released worldwide and we’ve 10 tips and tricks to get you off to the right start.

You can watch the video version of our tips below, or read on for our best tips.

1. It’s like ten games in one…

You’re going to have to master a number of different gameplay modes in NieR: Automata, but, don’t worry, the game manages to stay true to the control scheme throughout. All you’ll really need to pay attention to is where the enemies are coming from.

2. Fight! Fight until the fighting’s done

It’s becoming increasingly popular in video games to have a stamina gauge to limit the player’s ability to fight and defend but android 2B doesn’t have that problem – in NeiR: Automata you can fight until you – or, preferably, your enemies – drop. That’s not limited to your standard attack, either – while your heavy attack may take longer to wind up, you can still use it as much as you’d like, and don’t be afraid to jump, dash and dodge while you’re at it.

3. Run or gun

Pressing the ‘Dash’ button (circle on PS4) will give 2B a swift boost to her forward momentum, but, if you hold the button down after the dash, she’ll continue to sprint forwards. As there’s no stamina gauge, 2B can sprint indefinitely but she will stop sprinting if you jump, attack or collide with another obstacle.

4. Dodge-perfect

Perfect timing on your dodge can result in an opening for 2B to counter with a swift attack. Later on, you’ll have the opportunity to use different counters, too, but, when coupled with the fact that you can dodge to your heart’s content in NieR: Automata, there’s no reason for you not to be able to pull off the perfect dodge-counter time after time. Just don’t forget to attack once you’ve evaded the hit.

5. Exploration never goes unrewarded!

It absolutely behooves you to get out there and explore the open world in NieR: Automata. You’ll almost always be rewarded for your investigations with new items, weapons and Plug-In Chips. Not only that, but getting to experience more of NieR: Automata’s world is often reward enough.