Here’s the Pokémon Theme Song Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

YouTuber Anthony Vincent is something of a musical genius.

From his two YouTube channels, AnthonyVincentMusic and Ten Second Songs, his speciality is re-recording popular songs in the style of another artist. (Adele’s ‘Hello’ in the style of Green Day, and a metal version of the Friends theme tune are personal favourites of mine.)

There is some video game gold mixed in with the popular music, though. Anthony’s got several versions of the Pokémon theme song on his channels, and each one is fabulous in its own way – dare we say it, even improving upon the original.


While you can listen to the whole song in the style of Blink 182, Radiohead or Cher, I can’t get enough of the Ten Second Song version – that is, ten-second segments of the song recorded in the style of a different artist from the 90s.

Just check this guy out:

It’s more fun if you don’t look at the subtitles and try to guess each of the 20 artists that Vincent is trying to ape.

He’s one hell of a singer, and there’s something incredibly addictive about watching his videos. Gotta watch ’em all.