Hitman: The Perfect Hit

Contract killers have long been a popular subject for stories.

Whether it’s the written word, cinema, TV or whatever, a character whose job it is to kill others makes for a fascinating subject. The means of a contract killer makes for great storytelling, and you can find countless great examples. There are plenty of films about this such as The Killers, The MechanicRoad to Perdition, John Wick and more. Video games are also a great medium for the story of a hitman, as the player gets to take control and become part of this world. Some notable examples are Killer is Dead and the Grand Theft Auto series, but the true king of the genre is Hitman.

The Hitman series has been around now for over fifteen years and has remained a popular franchise since its first instalment. Players take control of the mysterious Agent 47, a hitman who handles a wide variety of missions, with each game expanding on the previous one.

What has drawn people to the Hitman games is the wide variety of options that the game presents you with. Each mission will take place in a large area that gives you the freedom to try out different methods and approaches. You can attempt to take out your target guns blazing, shoot them from a distance, trap them, stealthily sneak up on them or create an accident. Very few other games give you so much freedom in how you can complete a mission. You will have many routes, weapons, stealth options, disguises and more to try, so you can keep coming back to a mission to find new approaches and attempt to beat your score, as well as do additional objectives.

Agent 47 has appeared in many games in the series’ lifetime. There are six main instalments, each one adding new features, missions and expanding the story of Agent 47. The latest game, simply titled Hitman, was created by main Hitman developer IO Interactive. This game was episodic, so missions were released throughout 2016 and then a complete version with all six chapters was released earlier this year. Reviews for the game were positive and it brought the series back into the limelight.

There have been two spin-offs of the series; Hitman Go and Hitman: Sniper. The latter is an iOS only game that focuses on using a sniper rifle, while Hitman: Go is a turn-based puzzle game. Agent 47 also appears in Betway‘s Hitman slot game. There have been two movies based on the games, Hitman (2007), starring Timothy Olyphant, and Hitman: Agent 47 (2015), starring Rupert Friend.

The Hitman series continues to be a hit with gamers. So as long as people remain fascinated with contract killers, they will likely stay fascinated with Agent 47.