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Hunter’s Legacy: Tips and Tricks For Getting Started

Hunter’s Legacy may be a vibrant new 2D platformer, but even the most deceptively simple games have a few secrets that need exploring.

Here are a few handy tips and tricks to get you started.

Never ignore a secret entrance

One of the highlights of Hunter’s Legacy, and the most useful tip, is that all the best gear and rewards are contained in the secret levels that pop up. If you see an entrance somewhere, it’s likely it’ll will lead to a bountiful secret level full of chests and pick ups that can be invaluable. For instance, the first area contains secret entrance that leads you to the bow – a vital weapon that can be more useful than the sword in many instances.

Though there are often more enemies about, the chests always seem to be better in these secret locations too, with there usually being a handful in one area, many containing life pieces and extra rewards.

Always cut the grass

Throughout the game you will encounter a lot of tall grass. At first it is easy to dismiss it as part of the scenery, but the grass can actually contain the difference between living and dying in a fight.

More often than not, there are enemies hiding in there – enemies that are only discoverable once they have hit you, so always be on your guard and keep a safe distance whenever a section of grass is coming up. However, it isn’t always a nasty surprise, as sometimes the grass will contain jewels and even life pieces to pick up, so it is worth cutting every section down just in case of good spoils.

The best way to kill slugs is stealth melee attacks…

The most common enemy you will come across in Hunter’s Legacy are the ugly green slugs that roam the land. As annoying as they are, they are very slow and it rarely takes too much damage to get rid of them. However, if one of these bad boys merely touches you, it can mean half a life gone.

The most tactical approach you can take is to keep your distance, wait until they are facing the opposite way and then hack and slash your way to victory. Beware of slugs suddenly appearing or respawning in an area – as well as the aformentioned sneaky ones hiding in the long grass that don’t appear until you hit them.

…And the best way to kill warthogs is the bow

The second most common enemy are the warthogs. These guys are a bit nastier than the slugs: if they spot you, they charge straight at you.

A good approach to this is to keep a safe distance while they are turned away, and quickly shoot them with you bow as many times as you can before they charge. The distance is important as once they have been hit once – they will turn and charge. Unfortunately, arrows aren’t hugely effective and at the start don’t deal much damage. A good trick when you are facing warthogs without a bow is to utilise the dodge-roll skill. If you find yourself in a situation with an enemy coming straight for you, your best bet is to roll away and shoot, or roll and tactically jump over them so you can hit them from behind.

The obvious route isn’t always the best route

One of the main features of Hunter’s Legacy is that nothing is ever as simple as it seems, particularly when it comes to getting around.

Platformers aren’t generally known for their exploring elements, but Hunter’s Legacy has cleverly designed maps to fool players, and give them a little extra challenge.

The game features innovative levels, with many layers that mean going straight ahead isn’t always an option. As you are playing, be constantly on the look out for different pathways (a lot of alternative routes go downwards) and anything that might indicate a different path. It is easy to get stuck in the game, even on the simplest levels, so going the most unexpected route is usually the best option.

Don’t give up!

Like many platformers, the game can be infuriating. It may be deceptively simple on the surface, but Hunter’s Legacy has a lot of surprises in store for players. The best advice is to always stay alert, and be aware that most things are hidden in plain sight – remember that not everything will be as simple as just progressing forwards. The trick is to just keep going as the reward of finishing a level, or even the whole game, makes it completely worth it – so hang in there and don’t give up!

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