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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gets A ‘Making Of’ Documentary

It’s nearly two weeks since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – and the Nintendo Switch – released and, whether you’ve finished exploring Hyrule or not, you may be interested to know just how the game came into creation.

Nintendo have released a short, three-part ‘Making of’ documentary discussing varying parts of the game’s development. ‘The Beginning’ talks about, as you’d expect, how Breath of the Wild came into fruition; the early concepts in 2013, various delays of the Wii U version and its move, and subsequent release, on the Switch.

The second, and most interesting, ‘Open-air Concept’ discusses how the team working on Zelda transitioned over to using a fully open-world – stemming from the idea of breaking the “conventions” of the Zelda series. The final piece, ‘Story and Characters’, discusses what you’d expect – including the move to using voice-acting on various characters.

If you are still making your way through Hyrule and would rather not be spoiled – don’t fret too much. Each episode shows off gameplay but there is little late-game location or narrative spoilers to worry about. Although if you really haven’t made it very far, I’d hold off for now.


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