Rocket League To Get Its Most Absurd Mode Yet

Since Rocket League’s release almost two years ago, Psyonix have continously improved the game with new modes, maps and cars – with most being free! Coming in just under two weeks, it may be about to get its most absurd game-mode yet in Dropshot.

Dropshot introduces a new map, Core 707, which, unlike traditional areas, doesn’t include any goalposts. Instead, as the ball gains ‘power’ by players hitting, dribbling and keeping the ball in the air, it can be used to knock the ground out from below the opponents feet – turning the ground into the goal area.

It sound odd but, as always, the latest trailer below shows it off than my measly words ever could. At heart, it looks like a slightly more complicated version of the basketball mode added last year and, either way, will undoubtedly soak up much more of my time than a game about cars and balls ever should.


The new mode also coincides with a new batch of items, vehicles and crates for players to gain and customise with. Dropshot will launch March 22 – you can check out more information on the free update here.