Sales For Nintendo Switch and Zelda Show Solid Start

Nintendo’s new console, as well as its flagship title, have had a solid first few days in the UK market, according to figures. Before – and after – release, the Nintendo Switch has received a both strong positive and negative reception – it seems to be levelling out, but what does the market think?

Well, much better  than the Wii U, that’s for sure. Nintendo’s previous, and utterly unremarkable, console only sold 40,000 units during its opening weekend – the Switch has sold 80,000. Compared to the other flagship consoles, while the Switch isn’t quite up there, it’s still a very solid start for a very unusual console. Nintendo’s last handheld, the 3DS, sold a whopping 113,000 during its early days – before having a sharp drop.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One sold 150,000 before, again, the UK audience failing to stay with the console. Sony’s Playstation 4 has, by and far, been the most successful console of this generation selling a massive 250,000 during its first weekend – and going on to sell over 50 million units.


Considering numerous marketing issues – although nowhere near as bad as the Wii U – as well as the usual, and unfortunately expected, stock issues from Nintendo, the Switch is off to a solid, if not great, start.

So, what about the games? In the UK physical sales chart this week, Nintendo has a surprising three games visible. Of course The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is there, so to is 1-2 Switch, coming in at fourth place just ahead of For Honor. Finally, the very overpriced Super Bomberman R has squeezed in at seventh, pushing out Rocket League, Battlefield 1 and Sniper Elite 4.

None are number one, however. Breath of the Wild comes in at the second-highest selling game of the week, behind the PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. This isn’t surprising of course with the PS4’s massive install base. In fact, Horizon is now the the largest franchise launch since last year’s No Man’s Sky – as well as the biggest launch in general since Uncharted 4.

Meanwhile, Xbox One’s highest-selling game this week was Grand Theft Auto V.

Overall then, a good start for Nintendo, which really has been struggling in the UK, and in general, as of late. It really is worth bearing in mind, however, to not judge a console in its early days. Both the Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS dropped sales after a while and, admittedly, the Switch really doesn’t have many games going for it right now. To get a true showing of the Switch’s success; it’s best to wait until Christmas.