The Sexy Brutale: Nine Minutes of Pure Mystery and Intrigue

I was lucky enough to attend an ID@XBOX event in London this week and get my eager mits on some promising games due for release soon.

One of these games was The Sexy Brutale, a new puzzle game being developed by Cavalier Game Studios with a focus on time manipulation and creepy Victorian-era mystery.

Set it a stately English Manor, you awake to find a murder taking place. After a chat with a blood-soaked woman you are suddenly back to witnessing the same event again. Realising that you can manipulate time, you set off to save this man and uncover some of the weird secrets surrounding this estate.

The game focuses on the extremely fun experience of scoping out the environment and following the paths that the characters take to accomplish their goals. It is amazing to see how by manipulating one minuscule aspect of a character’s path completely changes everything; how one alteration completely disrupts the day and can (hopefully!) save a life or two. This Groundhog Day-esque puzzle game does a real good job of making the exploration, discovery and puzzle elements extremely rewarding. The mystery of the manor has me waiting for release so I can crush this new-found curiosity.

Visually, The Sexy Brutale has a great look to it. Characters are cartoonish in nature yet still remain ominous and scenery of the mansion itself is simply wonderful. The rich experience is only enhanced by the lovely isometric layout and charismatic HUD and menus that help solidify the mansion’s grandiose feel. The in-game map unfolds in time and you can track the character’s movement – like the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter.

Apparently there are eight hours of gameplay, but considering that comes from one nine-minute segment of time, that’s pretty impressive. Certainly, The Sexy Bruatle is worth a look for anyone who wants to play with an ambitious new puzzle game. I, myself, can’t wait to get myself back to this stately manor.