System Shock 3 To Be Published By Starbreeze, Coming To Consoles

Starbreeze (Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) will be taking on publishing duties for the upcoming System Shock 3 – not to be confused with the System Shock remake from Night Dive Studios.

The publisher has put down an extra $12 million on the project which will help the title come to consoles – although specifics are not mentioned. While little information is known on the sequel to the 1999 hit, the game is set to be developed by OtherSide Entertainment – led by Warren Spector.

Spector was the director on the original System Shock – released in 1994 – as well as the original Deus Ex. He has stated that the upcoming sci-fi horror will take place around the same time as System Shock 2 and explore the motives of the evil AI Shodan.