Top 10 League of Legends Champions For Beginners

There’s always the debate among legions of diverse fans over which League of Legends champions are the best for newcomers.

The answers also change due to patch notes, re-works, re-designs, and a slew of other reasons. Thankfully, regardless of how much the game changes, there’s always around 20 or so champions that are generally safe for a newcomer to pick up and learn.

Hopefully your time spent with any number of these 10 champions will get you interested enough in League of Legends to keep on playing and having fun!

10. Nautilus

Beginner Role: Top & Support

When you attack an enemy, you root them in place for a second or so, which will give your ADC enough time to heavily damage them or even finish killing them. How do you get close enough to hit them? With your hook. Like Blitzcrank and Thresh, League of Legends‘ Nautilus has a hook ability that drags you to the enemy if you hit them with it. You can then attack them to root them in place and then add a splash wave which slows them down as they try to run away.

If all of that fails, your ultimate sends a lock-on projectile towards them that chases them down until it hits them and knocks them up. This also knocks up any enemies it collides with inbetween you and your target without being stopped in the process. As a backup, you also have a shield ability which lets you take a ton of free hits, and your hook ability can even be used to pull yourself towards a piece of terrain making for a good escape tool as well. Very underrated champion in general, but perfect for League of Legends beginner top laners or supports.

9. Malphite

Beginner Role: Top & Support

As a League of Legends beginner, being lumped up top on your own might be boring and kill the joy of LoL for you. The people who enjoy Top tend to be PvP-type gamers who thrive on 1 vs 1 action. If you do find yourself in the top lane, Malphite is easily one of the top three choices to be made for your first champion. His passive means you basically get a free shield every so often to take a few free hits if you let it charge back up. His ultimate lets you travel a long distance quickly to either escape quickly, or to knockup enemies that you land on if you’re chasing down a kill.

Malphite also has a slowing ability which can help you run away or chase down kills too, but his ultimate makes him one of the best beginner League of Legends champions for being able to relocate quickly in a pinch, without having to rely on using your flash. Putting more armour on him also makes him increase some of his damage output, so you can build him bulkier and pack more of a punch at the same time! For the same reasons, Malphite is good as a support champion for an ADC too. Supports don’t hit really that hard generally speaking, and a champion that benefits from stacking lots of armour means the ADC will find you hard to kill as well!