Top 10 League of Legends Champions For Beginners

6. Braum

Beginner Role: Support

One problem a lot of League of Legends beginner support players have is positioning. It’s hard to read situations well enough to know when to stay close to the ADC or when to move in and pressure the enemy. Braum mostly takes that decision out of your hands with one ability which lets you leap to your teammate quickly to give their defenses a brief boost. He’s also got a massive ice block shield, which more or less negates the first major hit you take, and reduces the rest of the oncoming ones significantly. This stops any abilities passing through, which means you protect your ADC, and his ultimate knocks up enemies.

Braum is good for both leaping to your teammates’ rescue whilst blocking shots taken on them, and knocking up enemies ready to engage. He has a stacking passive which lets you stun enemies if you’re skillful enough, but it’s hard to pull off as most people back away as you start nearing your final stack to activate the effect. He can be played in top lane as well, but his low damage output means that beginners will struggle to cope alone without knowing how to build him.

5. Varus

Beginner Role: Mid & ADC

Varus is a great ADC, because he can charge up an arrow and shoot it over a ridiculous distance for high damage. This means you can keep safe while chipping away at your enemies’ health. If you engage into a fight, you can root enemies with your ultimate which can also spread to other nearby champions too if you time it right. He can also shoot a volley of arrows which creates an area that slows enemies down – great for chasing/escaping champions as well as slowing them down enough to throw out your ult at them.

Varus offers a lot of choice for a beginner ADC in League of Legends. Whilst most people might suggest Sivir for her shield that blocks one ability, or Ashe for her long-reaching Ult, Varus has the most utility of all for a beginner who is just getting to grips with landing skill shots and how to properly read situations. With the ability to slow, root, poke, and increase their attack speed naturally through kills, League of Legends’ Varus is a good all-rounder for someone that needs options available to them for both escaping and engaging enemies.