Top 10 League of Legends Champions For Beginners

4. Fiddlesticks

Beginner Role: Jungle & Support

You really want to pick Fiddlesticks as your first League of Legends jungler. His drain ability lets him constantly heal so that you basically don’t have to think very hard when jungling with Fiddlesticks. His fear ability also lets him send an enemy (or monster) spinning around on the spot unable to attack you, which buys you some time and lets you rest from taking hits momentarily.

Fiddlesticks’ ultimate means that when you are ready to leave the jungle and help invade someone’s lane to help out a teammate, he can quickly teleport forward and activate a storm of crows, quickly sapping the life out of any champion not built for the occasion. For these reasons, he also works well as a support. He can heal himself out of trouble, and his E ability lets him shoot out a projectile which silences enemies it hits, as it bounces between targets. This can be good for poking enemies down slowly, and silencing them if they engage a fight, giving your ADC a few seconds to either escape from any further stuns or to help them gain the advantage in a fight.

3. Vladimir

Beginner Role: Top & Mid

Vladimir is always referred to by the creators of League of Legends as the “Champion we wish we never made”. Balancing Vladimir is still an ongoing process years down the line. He’s not overpowered in a fight, but his ability to stay alive is the reason so many amateur/novice players struggle to kill him. If you build the right items like Spirit Visage, you can take a few hits from your opponent easily before using your Q ability on minions to heal a chunk of health.

Vladimir is also able to dive into a blood pool underground, allowing him to escape any encounters he misjudges and gets caught in. The fact that you’re able to heal constantly with no mana cost – as well as escape if you do get into a pinch – means that you’ll win most fights in your lane simply because you can outlast your opponent. You can afford to take a few hits from them and heal the damage back up quickly. They can’t, and you’ll wear them down to the point where they’ll either have to retreat to base and heal up, or the jungler will have to spend more time helping them out against you. Either way, you benefit.