Top 10 League of Legends Champions For Beginners

2. Kayle

Beginner Role: All Roles

Kayle can be adapted to suit any League of Legends role if you know what you’re doing. She can safely jungle if you build her attack speed up, and she can heal which also makes her suitable for support. If you build her to be more attack-centric, she can make a great midlaner, or even a good ADC if you’re careful. She’s mainly a melee character, but if your cooldown reduction is high enough, you can rely on her to be a ranged champion as one of her abilities makes her sword ranged with a wave of fire bursting from her hit targets which damages nearby enemies.

Kayle also has an ability to slow enemies down, which is good for chasing/escaping, but the crowning jewel in her abilities is her ultimate. You become invincible. No catch or cons: you become invincible to any damage for a short duration. You can use this as a beginner to basically reverse any situation. Escape death, or use it to outlast an enemy and buy you enough time to change the outcome. Did I mention you can make your friends invincible too? Kayle’s passive also means that the more you attack a target, the more armour and magic resistance they lose for a short period. This means that even if you aren’t dealing a lot of damage against your opponent, you’re making them easier for your teammates to kill. Kayle is a very strong pick for a beginner playing any role in their first few days of League of Legends.

1. Ezreal

Beginner Role: Mid & ADC

Beginners to League of Legends shouldn’t really play Ezreal mid, as it requires a lot of skill and precise timing. However, most players know of his main utility ability, which basically serves as a free flash and throws an extra hit towards the nearest enemy when you arrive at your destination. For that reason, low health enemies will choose to retreat back to base when they’re anywhere near low health. After teleporting to a new location, you can also throw 2 extra long range abilities that hit hard if you build the right items, and if they still get away you can rely on your ultimate which throws out a light arc across the map. As such, Ezreal will shine most for a beginner in the bottom lane as an ADC.

You can safely throw out abilities and deal damage from a distance, and if your opponent ends up on low health, you have both a free teleport (as well as your flash summoner spell!) to catch up with them, and you have your ult when they finally manage to escape with a slither of health left to peel away. The teleport can be used to travel across walls quickly, which makes both for a good escape/chase ability like any good utility champion. The fact he scales well on either Ability Power or Attack Damage means that as a beginner, you can afford to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to item builds too, but still deal heavy damage!

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