Upcoming RPG AereA Fuses Together Music and Adventure

Today, SOEDESCO have announced AereA, an action RPG that’s set to release later this year.

Being developed by indie developer Triangle Studios, AereA is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on music. Set in the enchanting and mysterious world of Aezir, AereA is filled with a myriad of various enemies and intriguing bosses to fight against – all with a musical twist. Watch out for the bagpipe-playing spider or the griffin donning a harp!

The game’s original score is being recorded by the lead composer from last year’s indie favourite BroForce.


AereA is primed to be the first game in a series and is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year. Check out the initial teaser trailer below for a glimpse of what to expect.