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10 Remakes or Remasters We’d Love to See

With the advent of 4k gaming and console updates allowing games these days to reach the graphical standards of titles like Battlefield 1, WatchDogs 2, Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn (to name a few), it feels as though we should now open up the dusty cupboard of gaming-past, brush off a few classics and bring them up to scratch.

The excitement of Final Fantasy fans when the remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced at Sony’s E3 2015 press conference was palpable, with the announcement even receiving a standing ovation, which is pretty rare at games conferences these days. There’s also the success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered to consider, where a very mainstream game that saw its debut less than a decade ago has done an incredible trade and has outsold many of the year’s newer, bleeding-edge releases, albeit in a bundle with the newest title in the franchise.

Whilst I’m a firm believer that graphics do not make a game on their own, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to enjoy some of our favourite titles from across the ages with the updated graphics of today. For this list, we’re only including titles that were originally launched in 3D, those which have not yet received the remake/remaster treatment for current hardware and we’re not counting sequels. Finally, this is not a “Top 10 Best Games Ever” list, which would look remarkably different; this is simply a list of games which we feel both deserve and would benefit from a makeover. If you disagree with our choices, you can always let us know in the comments section!

10. Hogs of War

Classic bacon-em-up/Worms “homage” (read: rip-off) Hogs of War was the perfect multiplayer title. Sure enough, there was plenty of fun to be had playing through the campaign as the story asked you to lead your sortie of sows to victory by claiming the whole of Saustralasia and all of its bountiful Swill (the game’s version of Oil) as your own. With the comedy stylings of Rik Mayall punctuating the porcine proceedings, you’d control one of the pun-tastically named teams – Tommy’s Trotters, the Garlic Grunts, Uncle Ham’s Hogs, the Sow-A-Krauts, Piggystroika or the Sushi-Swine – and then lead your boisterous boars to a glorious victory. But the real fun here was hearing the hilarious hogs berate each other as you took on a friend or two in the multiplayer mode and shot, shelled, struck, blasted or bombed your way to victory.

Local co-op games are severely lacking in these days, with developers opting instead for online play, so maybe a return of the Hogs could fill that gap in the market, but then again, perhaps society is now too politically correct to allow such stereotypical swine to grace our screens once more. Alternatively, maybe this more modern age and the improvements it would bring, such as online play, could make the game even better but, unfortunately, with the plans for a sequel vanishing way back in 2008 and even more so with the untimely departure of its chief voice actor, it would certainly seem that despite a few re-releases over the years, these hogs may have had their day.

9. Crash Team Racing

Certainly the news of a Crash Bandicoot Trilogy remaster brought nostalgic joy to the very hearts of millions of gamers but in my opinion, there was one glaring omission from the announcement. No Crash Team Racing! As kart racing titles go, many would argue that the greatest, of course, was Mario Kart, but this is not the place for that debate. Whilst there have been sequels to both series, it could be said that Mario Kart has gotten better with age, but Crash Team Racing never did. Neither Crash Nitro Kart nor Crash Tag Team Racing managed to capture the essence of the original and their failure to do so left a void that, we believe, can only be filled by a remaster, akin to it’s fellow Crash titles.

Once again, CTR was great fun alone but at its best when played with friends and it remains the perfect 4-player title to utilise the humongous televisions of today, with its bright, cartoony graphics, cutesy characters, up-beat soundtrack and quirky gameplay, a remake would both go perfectly with the upcoming Crash Bandicoot Trilogy remaster and it could be the perfect antidote to today’s racing-sim obsession. Oh and if they wanted to add in 2000’s party game Crash Bash as an extra treat to sweeten the deal, we’d be OK with that.

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