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Blink Review

If your father went missing and you suddenly acquired the ability to travel to a different world where you can walk on light, what would you do?

Naturally, panic and freak out, right? Or, would you use your new abilities to investigate your father’s disappearance? In Blink, an ingenious puzzle platformer by nextReality Games, you can decide for yourself.

Blink is a 2D side scroller where you take on the role of a young boy whose father has gone missing. When the boy decides to go looking for him, he comes across an ancient being that looks like a floating blue flame. When the being closes its eyes, everything  goes dark and all that’s left are paths made up of light. You can walk on the light to stop yourself from falling through the dark world – but when the being opens its eyes once more everything is back to normal. You can control this power which will help you on the path to find your father.

It is very easy to control this being’s power. By clicking one button you go from the open-eyed world to the closed-eyed world. Blink is amazingly simple at the beginning but gets fiendishly difficult the further that you continue on. Its very simple mechanic works by taking away everything in front of you expect for any surface that light is touching. Switching between to the closed-eye worlds often reveals new platforms, allowing you to traverse the level to where you need to go. This is where those of you who have platforming skills will get the most practice; jumping with perfect timing to make it across tons of different landscapes.

Blink feels much like any regular platforming game, moving from side to side and jumping, albeit with the addition of the dimension switching. The thing I found most frustrating was that in order to switch to the closed-eyed dimension, you have to hold a button down while still controlling your character. It feels a bit awkward to control for this reason – a simple one click to change between the two dimensions would have been much more forgiving. Especially in puzzles where the light moves and you have to follow it, keeping that button pressed and moving your character becomes really tough to do.

Blink’s visual style will likely charm many that play it. Each landscape has been hand drawn and you can tell that each place was well thought out and detailed. The characters are simple and really add to the lovely “drawn” style of the game. The soundtrack for the game feels very dreamlike, which fits perfectly with the atmosphere created by the visuals. Blink’s soundtrack definitely had me wanting to nap – not because the game was boring; quite the contrary – because the music is incredibly relaxing.

Unfortunately, as I delved further into Blink, it became apparent that there wasn’t much detail added to its story line. You’ll probably find yourself asking a lot of questions that don’t really get answered, either until the very end of the game or at all. The story – or lack thereof – does add an element of intrigue, but being able to know why you’re going to these places – ruins, ancient buildings, floating cities – would help a great deal to get fully immersed into the story. There are some encounters with other beings, but the amount of dialogue is really lacking. Blink may have even worked better as a completely silent game where its characters didn’t speak at all, letting players completely decide for themselves what was happening. The ‘in the middle’ amount of details – not nothing, but enough – just ends up feeling dissatisfying.

Overall, Blink is a really intriguing puzzle/platformer that I’m happy I got the chance to check out. The game has been drawn beautifully and the concept is something that I’ve definitely never seen before. In a world where indie platformers are a dime a dozen, it’s tough to stick out from the crowd but Blink definitely does. It’s a shame the controls can be cumbersome and unnecessarily add to the difficulty of the game, but regardless, Blink is still worth a try if you like a puzzle/platformer with an interesting story, great art, and unique puzzles.

Blink is available on PC.

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