There's only one thing better than video games: free video games.

Good guy Blizzard has now made the original StarCraft free to download. You can pop along to their official website and do that right now.

Why is it free, though? Well, Blizzard are working on StarCraft Remastered, a modernised and upgraded version of the original StarCraft experience with new and shiny HD graphics. There's no release date for that just yet, but it's expected sometime this summer.

The original game is, presumably, been given away as a very clever – and generous – marketing tool in order to try and capture a few new people who somehow have never tried StarCraft.

It doesn't really matter why it's free, though, does it? Blizzard want you to have it, and you don't want to disappoint them, do you?

Grab StarCraft and find out more about the upcoming Remastered version on the official website.