Today, Bandai Namco has officially unveiled Code Vein, its next major project, set for release in 2018.

Code Vein is an action RPG set in the near future, following some kind of disaster that's turned the world to ruin. Society is in tatters, and all that remains is a hidden society known as 'Vein'. Vein is made of of revenants fighting to survive, who have given up their memories and have been cursed with a lust for blood in return of mysterious powers. Are you gripped yet?

Code Vein puts you in the shoes of one of these revenants, and along with a companion of your choosing, you'll be tasked with uncovering lost memories as well as fighting against the threat of a newly hostile world. With plenty of enemies and bosses to battle against, you can bet there's going to be more than a little taste of Dark Souls in there.

And much like the Souls franchise, Code Vein has a focus on blood – it's the blood of your enemies that will grant you upgrades to your own abilities. You'll also have an impressive arsenal of weapons that, coupled with your character's 'Gift', will make you capable of devastating and impressive attacks.

Bandai Namco has released an impressive selection of screenshots from Code Vein, which you can see below. We'll have more information about the upcoming release once it's available, but for now, feast your eyes on these images...