The Indies Cleaned Up At Last Night’s BAFTA Games Awards

It’s always nice when the underdog gets some recognition – and that was certainly the case at Thursday’s BAFTA Games Awards. It was the indie games that stole the show, beating many of the biggest AAA games in several categories.

Playdead’s Inside did especially well, grabbing four awards. It beat Uncharted 4Dishonored 2 and The Last Guardian to Artistic Achievement, and won Game Design ahead of Titanfall 2Battlefield 1 and Overwatch. It also won the award for best Narrative and Original Property.

Firewatch by Campo Santo also grabbed a couple of accolades, taking the Debut Game award and voice actress Cissy Jones won the Performer award for her role as Delilah.

Overcooked by Ghost Town Games and Team17 grabbed the award for best British Game, beating the likes of Forza Horizon 3 and Batman: Arkham VR, as well as beating LEGO Star Wars and Pokémon GO to best Family Game.

Virginia took the award for best Music, That Dragon, Cancer got Game Innovation and Rocket League was awarded Best Evolving Game.

In fact, of fifteen categories, AAA productions won just four. Uncharted 4 won Best Game, The Last Guardian won Audio Achievement, Pokémon GO won Mobile and Overwatch won Multiplayer.

See the full list of winners on the official BAFTA website.