At Last, Shu Has a Vita Release Date

Remember Shu? Last year’s brilliant indie platformer from UK-based developers Coatsink? It’s finally coming to PS Vita next month.

For that matter, remember PS Vita? The handheld device from Sony that everyone loved for a couple of months and then Sony seemed to forget existed. Thankfully, there are still brilliant indie studios out there like Coatsink who do remember and actually endeavour to put their content onto it.

Not happy with simply just re-releasing the game however, Coatsink have been working hard at creating brand new content for Shu. The Vita version will launch with six brand new levels, which will be available as free DLC for anyone who owns the game on PC or PS4.

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The first pack – including three levels entitled Beneath the Ruins, No Turning Back, and Depths of Discovery – is available on Steam right now. All six new levels will become available on PlayStation 4 for free on the same day Shu launches on Vita, 23rd May.

In case you missed it, I reviewed Shu back in October and gave it a very shiny 10/10. Here’s what I had to say:

“With perfect controls, a unique and totally enthralling gameplay system and a gorgeous visual style absolutely dripping with charm, Shu is undoubtedly the best platform game of recent years – AAA or otherwise.”

It was a brilliant game on console, but it’s the type of experience that’ll undoubtedly shine on the Vita’s portable platform, too. If you’re yet to try Shu and have been looking for something new to add to your Vita library, then this is it.

Shu launches on Vita on 23rd May. Free DLC for the game is available on PC today and will be available on PS4 on 23rd May.