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Blood, Sweat and Neon Grenades: Let Them Come Preview

I was lucky enough to recently attend a preview event held by publisher Versus Evil to take a peek at some of their upcoming games.

One such property was Let Them Come developed by Tuatara Games, an extreme and vibrant wave shooter that will be crashing on to PC soon.

You, a bloody crazy 80’s action man, have a turreted machine gun and have a sole purpose in life to shoot shit up. Sometimes this shit is big, sometimes it’s small – and sometimes it comes with a lot of vicious friends. Either way, it’s you versus the alien world you are on.

I should mention there that Let Them Come plays host to a lot of different types of ammo, secondary equipment and passive abilities that allow you to punch through your enemies, but that is by the wayside. The proof of how good Let Them Come is in the ways it feels, looks and sounds.

Firstly, it looks incredible. Let Them Come has a pixel art design, but with a huge imagination. Every enemy looks like a cruel bastard ready to take your lunch money. The whole aesthetic remind s me of the original DOOM – and that can only be a good thing. Every monster looks as gruesome and as bloodthirsty as the last, and your health is represented to how bloody and angry your portrait is. There are some really cool lighting effects created when you fire certain types of ammo and grenades; cryo-grenades and incendiary ammo look like the real deal, lighting the place up with different hues.

Then there’s the music; Let Them Come is full of synth pop tunes, and there are a host of cassette tapes to find throughout the game that you can pick up and add to the soundtrack. It’s 80s to a tee.

Of course, there are also boss fights that require more thinking, more patience and more ammo. I didn’t get to see much of the boss designs at this stage, but if the other enemies are anything to go by, than they really will be nasty. Some enemies came running at you, ready to explode; some disappeared before you could shoot them; and some were just too damn quick.

Let Them Come is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard; you’ll die more times than you’ll be able to count and you’ll have to play over and over again. But that’s all part of the fun – for those who are up to the challenge, at least.

Let Them Come is coming soon to PC.