Many Game Devs Considering Leaving the UK Following Brexit

A study by industry trade body Ukie has found that 40% of British game developers are considering relocating their studios following the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

The sentiment is best summed up byHenrique Olifiers, the CEO and co-founder of UK based Bossa Studios, the developers behind Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. He said: “The damaging uncertainty caused by Brexit to our EU employees, and not having open access to the brightest and best European talent, some of whom are now refusing to resettle in the UK, is forcing us to have to assess whether it will be at all possible to produce our future games in this country.”

It seems the main concern for the industry will be the inability to attract and retain talented individuals once the UK has formally left the EU. The same study claims that 57% of all UK games studios employ EU citizens. With the legal status of these citizens being uncertain following Brexit, is it any wonder that companies are considering upping sticks?

It’s also possible that the decision to leave the EU may have an impact on the price of games in the UK, as games made outside our borders could become subjected to new tariffs and taxes. A spokesman for retailer GAME said: “We are aware of, and monitoring closely, potential future changes including the possible impact of imposing tariffs on physical products and it is important to us that the UK retains the ease of trade that exists today.”

Also worth noting, is that some developers such as the multi-BAFTA award winning The Chinese Room receive funding from EU funds such as Creative Europe. Should access to this funding cease without a viable alternative, this will surely have a negative impact on the ability of UK games studios to keep creating incredible games such as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Dear Esther and many others.