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Star Wars Battlefront is Back – And the Force is Strong With It

Star Wars Celebration may be just around the corner, with the event kicking off over the weekend, but the excitement for the franchise has started early – a trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II leaked early online, showcasing DICE’s next phase for the series.

While Star Wars Battlefront had plenty of praise, it also had its fair share of criticisms. The game was commended for its beautiful depiction of the Star Wars universe, but a lack of content in the form of maps and customisation, including the lack of a single-player campaign meant the title wasn’t as successful as it perhaps should have been. Additional content was later released in the form of DLC, including locations such as the Death Star and Scarif, but these came at a cost, unless you purchased the Premium Pass.

DICE, who is also known for its Battlefield franchise, has since taken on board the feedback from the first game, and seem to have put it into action for this year’s release.

The tease may only be 50 seconds long, but for any Star Wars fan, it’s already enough to get you hyped.

Not only do we get some beautiful images of both ground and space combat, a Taunton that is briefly seen (implying you will now be able to ride one) and confirmation that Battlefront II will indeed span all three eras of the franchise, we also get a look at a confirmed single-player campaign.

The single-player looks set to bridge the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Other mediums such as the novel Star Wars Aftermath have provided insight into this period of time, but Battlefront II will be the first to visually depict what happened.

Following a Stormtrooper who was present when the Death Star was destroyed above Endor, the campaign looks like it will focus on the perspective of the Imperials who struggle to survive after the Empire has collapsed.

Expect to see more about Battlefront II this weekend at Star Wars Celebration and even more once E3 kicks off in a  couple of months’ time.

Star Wars Battlefront II has no current release date, but is expected to be released Autumn 2017.

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