2Lone Survivor

Top 10 Games Made by One Person

Thematically the most far removed game from Twin Peaks on this list; Lone Survivor is a 2D survival adventure in which you play as a nameless man whose psychological state is questionable. Left alone in a post-apocalyptic world, you must search for survivors and scavenge for supplies whilst avoiding the zombie-like creatures that now roam, returning to your apartment for some much-needed sleep whenever possible. With the man’s mental state steadily deteriorating though, working out what is real and what’s just a figment of his imagination becomes the biggest challenge.

While a single playthrough of Lone Survivor will only take around five hours, there are two distinct story paths for you to follow and five possible endings, so there’s plenty of reasons to replay it. Whether or not you’ll ever fully understand what is going on, however, is another matter entirely. But Twin Peaks fans should be used to that.