I never used to care for Wang, but after a sensational experience back in 2015, I decided – everyone needs more Wang in their lives. Well, except children. Wang should certainly be kept away from children at all costs.

Of course, by Wang I mean the potty-mouthed star of the ultra-violent Shadow Warrior series; the newest entry of which, Shadow Warrior 2, arrives digitally on consoles today for the lovely price of £29.99/$34.99. Oh, and if you buy it within the next two weeks, you get the first Shadow Warrior thrown in for free. That’s twice as much Wang for the same price. Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog really do spoil us.

When I reviewed Shadow Warrior two years ago, I awarded it a solid 8/10, stating “My only regret having finally experienced Wang is that I hadn’t tried it sooner.” Suffice to say, I’m ready for Wang this time. In fact, I’ll graciously receive anything Shadow Warrior 2 is willing to thrust upon me. Co-operative gameplay, loot, procedurally generated levels, buckets of blood – it’s all crammed in there, and I can’t wait for... Oh, shit! I’ve just realised I don’t have to wait for it as it’s already out.

Damn. Me and Wang need to have some alone time now. Look out for my extended thoughts on Shadow Warrior 2 soon. Or you could just go and buy it now. Y'know, live dangerously, just like Wang. It's up to you.