Destiny 2‘s coming out in September, and tonight, Bungie revealed gameplay footage for the first time.

Brand new footage of the game was livestreamed from 6pm tonight. If you missed it, fear not: you can watch it all at your leisure on Bungie’s Twitch page. Now, I’m not the biggest Destiny fan. I dabbled a bit in the first one, largely won over by the fact that, for a while, Tyrion Lannister voiced a weird floating robot thing. It was alright. Shooting things in the face is always fun, to an extent, but then lots of games let me shoot things in the face. I never quite got what was so special about Destiny.

Yet, after seeing the big reveal of Destiny 2, I can’t help but feel a little bit of excitement for what’s to come. I expected more of the same – and in terms of gameplay, it likely will be – but in fact, it looks to have a hell of a lot more character to it. Characters have personalities, believe it or not. The brand new trailer for the game opens up with a joke. Jesus Christ.

But it’s the environments that have won me over. Locations look much more varied, colourful, and packed with life. While we only got a very brief glimpse at a few of the new locations that Destiny 2 has to offer, it was a very promising brief glimpse indeed. Every location looks to be teeming with detail, and I’m actually looking forward to getting to delve into each one, exploring what they have to offer.

Take a look for yourselves, and feast your eyes on the glorious screenshots below. They’re taken direct from the Twitch feed, mind, so they may not be the sharpest images, but they at least give you an idea of what kind of sumptuousness we’re dealing with here.

So yes, well done Bungie. With a new set of worlds that look bloody glorious, you’ve managed to almost convert me, a non-believer, over to the ways of Destiny. Hell, I might even have to jump back into the first one now, after a few expansions, to see if I missed anything.

Destiny 2 is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 8th September. Here’s the full trailer, in case you missed it:

  • Rafoca

    Looks like an expansion to me. The same three classes, same three players co-op… I was waiting for different and more classes, also four players co-op at least. I mean… A game has to evolve right?

  • GrimmyReaper

    Nobody argued that Destiny 1 looked good either. The game looks really good. But that’s the problem. It LOOKS good but whether it actually will be good?

    I have little doubt it will at least be better than the first, but after all they did? I might pick up much later, a GOTY edition on G2A.

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    Lol how much did u get paid to write this? The gameplay I saw looked like shit. Dull and colorless. Same exact bullshit just new, but still uninteresting maps.

    • Kim

      Hahahaha, oh I wish we got paid to write nice things about games. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Genuinely was impressed with the visuals.

  • Si2k78

    Destiny was just boring. If the concept of the game is boring, how do you fix that? I remember seeing videos of people playing duck duck goose on the cidedele. It was soo boring that people had to resort to doing things like that to keep them engaged with the game. It just shows how important the Halo brand was to Bungei. They needed each other.

  • Lee Henderson

    Though having traded in my copy of Destiny a while ago, realising that the game required a level of commitment from me that i just wasn’t willing to put in, I greeted the reveal with anticipation. The Dog fight around the Traveller above the Last City was exhilarating; the very core of Science Fiction spectacle. I thought for sure, that Bungie were finally going to allow me to pilot a ship. And in a frantic rain drenched dog fight of all things. But it utterly disappointed me when the screen just went dark and i was back in first person mode with a gun.
    It does look pretty. I’ll give you that Kim. But that’s it.