Here’s Our First Look at Emily is Away Too

Emily is Away is a free-to-play game that originally released in 2015.

More of an experience – a digital trip down memory lane through a MSN Messenger-style chat window, if you will – than a game, it was something of a raging success, gaining a huge fanbase. After playing the game several times myself, it’s understandable why – Emily is Away was a brilliant nostalgia trip, mixing in teenage memories of popular culture from the mid-2000s with a touching narrative of friendship, love, and growing up.

The sequel, Emily is Away Too, due out next week, offers much of the same – but on a much larger scale.

It boasts 10 times as much content as the first, four different endings, and a much broader scope. Rather than happening entirely in a “chat” window, there are now external links to a 2006-themed internet, featuring popular memes of the time, “Youtoob” videos and old-school Facebook profiles. Apparently, you can even get Rickrolled.

The Emily is Away internet browser is already live, so you can take a sneak peek at some of the songs and profiles that you can expect to be featured in the game by clicking here.

Emily is Away Too is described as a ‘spiritual successor’ to Emily is Away, happening over the course of your senior year in high school. There’s not just Emily to chat to this time, either – you’ll take part in multiple conversations at once, with Emily and another friend Evelyn being the focus of your attention.

Take a look at the first chapter of Emily is Away Too below:

We’ll have more on Emily is Away Too closer to its release. It’ll be available on 26th May, priced $4.99 from Steam, Humble or