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How to Beat Every Boss in The Surge

The Surge is not an easy game. Many of the enemies you face off against on your harrowing adventure are capable of ending your life with just a few blows, but it’s the bosses that you really need to watch out for. There are only five of them in The Surge, but each one can feel insurmountable until you’ve worked out their attacks patterns and devised a clear strategy. Luckily, we’re at hand to offer some help.

Here are some handy tips for dealing with all five bosses to be found in The Surge.

First Boss – Bipedal Robot

The big hunk of metal that is the first boss is undoubtedly the easiest to beat. Well, when you know how, anyway.

As soon as the fight starts, keep your distance and wait for it to charge at you, dodging left to avoid damage. From then on, try to stick to the boss’ left hand side – for some reason the boss only seems to swing its right arm to attack. Go to town on its legs with your weapon of choice whenever the opportunity arises, but don’t be too greedy as the robot will eventually raise its foot to do a stomp attack or two.

While your attacks won’t seem to be doing any damage, you’ll notice that the meter under the boss’ health bar fills up, and when it reaches maximum capacity your chance to do real damage is unveiled. The boss will jump back to get some breathing space and you’ll want to run straight at it, hiding under its legs so the missiles it releases come back and hit it. The impact will bring the boss to its knees, so attack it with all that you’ve got while you can. Chances are it will get back up, this time slightly more aggressive, but repeat what you did to make the boss vulnerable the first time and et voila! It will soon be brown bread.

Second Boss – Big Ol’ Flying Robot Crab

No game would be complete without a boss that resembles a crab, would it?

For this fight, once again keep your distance and wait for boss to lunge. When it does so, dodge then move in close to attack a leg. As always, just get in a couple of attacks or so then retreat, or you’ll get caught with a counter-attack. One thing to watch out for is that if you’re lucky you may stagger the crab-like creature, making it sick a leg out so you can get more than a few hits in. Rinse and repeat this process, eliminating each of the legs while watching out for the boss’ occasional spinning attack which is highly damaging.

With the boss’ legs decimated the second phase of the fight begins. Again, keep your distance and wait for the now understandably agitated boss to charge forward. After dodging, dash in to land some hits before dashing away again, or the boss will drop down to crush you. Repeat until the boss is defeated, watching out for a more aggressive spinning attack and a flame attack when you’re in medium range. The key is to keep your distance and be patient.

Third Boss – Pincers, Arms, etc.

This three-phase boss fight is messy. Just messy.

For the first phase, keep to the back of the platform and lock onto whichever arm you think is going to attack first – it’s usually the left. If the arm pulls back and goes low, get ready to dodge left or right when it thrusts forward and then move in for some hits, then, switch the arm you’re locked on to as the other will undoubtedly attack next. Always be mindful of the position of the arm that’s going to attack – you want it to pull back and go low, if it goes up high it’s going to slam down and you’ll need to dodge a few times and probably won’t get a hit in. If it moves onto the platform and goes to the far left or right it’ll just swipe, which you can avoid by simply moving back. Just keep getting hits in where you can when it thrusts and the first phase won’t be too bad. Oh, and avoid the occasional laser attack.

With the arms defeated, the second phase begins which is probably the trickiest. Move forward before the floor becomes electrified and enter the chamber with yet another four arms –though this time they’re smaller and don’t have pincers. There’s not really much I can tell you that’s of use here apart from once again avoid the laser that occasionally strikes and try to take out all of the four arms whilst keeping out of the way of their burners. As they surround you it’s all a bit of a mess, and the camera can get a bit confused which doesn’t help.

When the four smaller arms are down you’ll need to move forward once again to deal with the last part of the huge contraption. In this final phase you initially need to attack the base of the weird head thing that’s been shooting lasers at you this whole time. As usual, move in a give it some pain whilst leaving enough stamina to make a quick evade if the head pops down to attack. Eventually you won’t be able to hurt the base anymore so you have to start hitting the head that drops down to finish the fight off. Keep moving, dodging the laser attacks whilst getting the odd hit in. If you stay too close the boss will knock you back so be mindful of that. Eventually it will fall, and you’ll be happier knowing that you’ve just overcome what is perhaps the worst boss fight in the game.

Fourth Boss – Security Chief and Friends

Are you ready for a five phase boss fight that can be infuriating? Of course you are.

As you enter the arena of battle via the lift the head you’ll be confronted by the head of security. Keep mid-range so he doesn’t use his ranged wave attack and he’s a pushover. Just be patient and wait for him to attack before landing a couple of blows of your own and then moving back again. When you’ve taken off about a fifth of his health, move away when he starts to glow as he’s about to do a debilitating pulse attack before running off.

With the head of security hiding away, a big bipedal robot similar to the first boss will appear. Tackle it in much the same way – keep to its left, avoid its stomp attacks, get in some hits on its legs whenever you can etc. This time though, making it vulnerable to your attacks seems entirely random once the bar under its health has been filled – it won’t fire any rockets. Just keep attacking its legs until it drops down and then lay into it.

Once the robot has been defeated the head of security will come back again, this time a bit more aggressive. Again, keep mid-range and avoid his easily choreographed attacks, especially his sliding tackle. Keep getting the odd hit in and then evading as he can pretty much one hit kill you. Once he’s lost about half of his health, surprise, surprise, he’ll use the debilitating pulse thing again and then run off for the second time.

Another robot will appear. Just do the same as you did before to take it down. Tiresome, eh?

Finally, the head of security will come back for one more dance, and this time he won’t run off.  Just play it conservative. Gets one or two hits in every time you evade his sliding attack or his overhead slam.  Once his health is down he’ll be susceptible to a finisher, but don’t let your guard down. As I said, he can kill you with one hit if you lose focus.

Fifth and Final Boss – Glitchy Mess

Here it is; The Surge’s final boss. Are you ready for it? I hope you are.

When the fight starts, if the boss appears to send out some missile-like things on the ground you have two options – concentrate on dodging them, or run straight at the boss to land a flurry of hits and hope for the best. The latter option seems to work rather well to be honest. From then on it’s business as usual. Keep mid-range and avoid his swipe attacks by effectively dodging. Sometimes it’ll jump up and do a diving attack which is easily avoided and leaves the boss open for attack.

The worst thing about this boss is that it moves about a lot – when you move in to attack, the limb you’re targeting often moves, leaving you attacking thin air. The boss will capitalise on this. Choose when you move in to attack carefully. At key points in the battle the boss will emit some energy towards the switch you used to start it. After the third time it does this you won’t be able to hurt it – you need to dash to the switch and overcharge it, triggering the second phase of the fight.

A humanoid foe will emerge from the giant crystalline ape, and the final fight will begin proper. It’s agile and hits hard, so keep on the move and bait it to attack you. When the opportunity arises get some hits in but don’t be greedy – it’ll only lead to your downfall. Just take your time and play it safe and eventually the boss will fall and you’ll have completed The Surge. Well done!

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