Injustice 2 Has The Best Floor in Videogames

I love floors, don’t you? I mean, where would we be without them? Probably endlessly floating in space, and we really don’t want that, do we?

They’re something that we take for granted, literally walking all over them every day without a care. I think we should make an effort to appreciate them more. Why? Well because, sometimes, if you look closely, they can actually be quite beautiful.

Take the floor of the Gotham City map in Injustice 2, for example. I already stated in my preview just the other day that Injustice 2 looks incredible, but just look at that floor. Every stone looks like it’s been laid with hard graft. Every crevice looks like it has depth and years of accumulated grime trodden into it. And then the lighting, well, it brings it all to life, being reflected and absorbed just as you’d expect it to. At a glance, you’d think it’s real.

Every time I end up fighting on the Gotham City map in Injustice 2 I am absolutely floored by just how good those stones look. I want to reach out to the talented people responsible for them at NetherRealm Studios and shake their hands enthusiastically, saying “Please, can we have some more?” Injustice 2’s line-up of heroes of villains may be stars of the production, but the stages are its supporting cast, and sometimes, they shine just as bright.

So join me in pouring a drink and raising a glass, to what in my opinion, is the greatest floor that the world of videogames has ever seen. Well, either that, or point me in the direction of a better one.