New Nintendo 2DS XL Now Available to Preorder on Amazon UK. Plus, Save £10

New Nintendo 2DS XL Boxed

Set for release on the 28 July, the announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS XL was unexpected.

With the Nintendo Switch out in the wild and doing spectacularly well, just why would anyone want to buy yet another stinky old 3DS variant? The answer is, many reasons, though perhaps mainly the back catalogue full of amazing games that are available for it. Also, just look at it. Tell me truthfully – is it not the nicest looking Nintendo handheld console yet with its sleek lines and bold colours?

Anyway, if you’re in the UK and want to get your hands on a New Nintendo 2DS XL on day one, your best bet is to preorder one. You can do that now on Amazon UK via the link below, and best of all, using code VG10OFF75 during checkout you can reduce its price by £10, making it a sweet £119.99. Or, you could also add any game priced £20.01 or over and get £20 off instead by using the code VG20OFF150. It’s up to you. Be quick though – the codes expire on the 7th of May.