13 Tips for Getting Started in The Surge

Gear Up Appropriately

You have seven equipment slots to be filled in The Surge. Armour can be equipped to both arms and legs, the body and the head, and then you also need to equip a weapon. Choose the equipment that best suits your playstyle. Personally I found no real use for bulky armour pieces – they don’t offer enough protection to sacrifice agility in my opinion. In fact, the starting Lynx armour lasted me pretty much until the end of the game. The weapon you choose, however, makes a lot of difference. If you want to bombard your foes with a flurry of blows equip dual claws. If you’d rather hit less but hit hard equip a large single rigged weapon. It’s up to you. One thing to consider though is that equipping a full set of matching armour provides a set bonus. The Lynx armour increases your attack speed when close or at max health for example. Handy, but not entirely a deal breaker. Mix and match at your pleasure if you want more flexibility.

Know Your Enemy

Know when to take the battle to the enemy and when to keep your distance. High impact weapon users have a great advantage if they hit first as attacks will often stagger enemies, but they are often left open due to high stamina usage. Low impact weapon users on the other hand need to capitalise on openings and then make a quick escape. Consider these traits when encountering foes and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Remember to Use Your Drone

You obtain your loyal drone shortly after beating the first boss. Use its ranged fire to get the attention of enemies from a distance.  Why charge into battle against two or more enemies at once when you fight them one on one on your own terms? Also, once you’ve unlock the ability, keep an eye out for drone activated overcharge points high up above, especially when you find a door that’s not operational.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Gear

Enemies hit hard in The Surge. Make sure you upgrade your gear to withstand more damage whilst hitting harder yourself. Note that you don’t have to upgrade gear procedurally either. You don’t need to go from MkI to MkII to MkIII for example. As long as you’ve got the materials required for a specific level, you can upgrade straight to it.

Optimise Your Equipped Implants for Bosses

Implants are The Surge‘s of allowing you to customise your character’s abilities. They allow you to increase your health, for example, or boost the amount of Tech Scraps you gain. When heading out to tackle a boss, optimise your equipped implants to do so. There’s no point in having implants equipped that show the boss’ health bar or that restore health when you perform a finisher. Maybe equip implants that give you more stamina or allow you to have access to more health restoring injections. They may just tip the balance in your favour.