13 Tips for Getting Started in The Surge

Make Use of Weapon Proficiency Scaling

Every time you swing and connect with a weapon type you gain some proficiency for it. To make the most of this, find which weapon type works for you early on in the game and stick to it to maximise your damage. It admittedly doesn’t make a massive difference with most weapons, but every little helps.

Keep an Eye Out for Shortcuts

The Surge‘s environments are intricately designed to offer a wealth of shortcuts, but many of them require you to go out your way to unlock them. Explore. Go off the beaten track whenever the opportunity presents itself. Get used to destroying metal grills to explore tight tunnels. The shortcuts you’ll discover will make your life so much easier should you die.


Extend Your Time to Retrieve Scrap

If, sorry….when you die, you’ll drop any Tech Scraps you were carrying on the ground. Respawning at your last visited operations room, you then have two and a half minutes to recover them before they simply vanish. With such a time limit you may be tempted to just run to your place of death, but that’s quite risky. Instead, move with haste but defeat enemies that don’t pose too much of a threat – the timer will be extended for each one you kill.

Stack Implants to Enhance Their Benefits

You start The Surge with only four implant slots, but you unlock many more as you play. If you find multiple implants that offer the same benefit, don’t assume that they’re useless – you can stack implants to boost their effect. Want six health injectors to boost your longevity? You can do that. You can even make it so that you restore half of your health when you perform a finisher. Stack those implants and reap the rewards!

Maximise Your Tech Scraps by Staying Out for Longer

As you defeat enemies, the amount of Tech Scrap you gain from them is multiplied. Returning to an operations room, however, resets the multiplier. If you feel like you can manage it, stay out in the fight for longer to increase your rewards. Maybe even leave harder, more Tech Scrap rich enemies alive until you’ve built up a decent multiplier. Just be careful to not push your luck.