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A Standalone Nintendo Switch Dock is Coming in June

From 23rd June, you’ll finally be able to buy a standalone dock for your Nintendo Switch.

While some people might not have much use for a second dock, I’m actually pretty excited that it’s finally available. For me, sometimes I game downstairs in the living room, and other times I’m upstairs. Since I got my Switch back in March I’ve wanted to be able to dock my Switch on either TV depending where I am. Finally, I can!

It also could be handy if you’re away at Uni – one dock for home, one for student accommodation. Or perhaps another to leave at your girlfriend/boyfriend’s place where you stay at the weekends.

Or maybe you’ve just broke yours. Shit. Well, you can now buy a standalone replacement.

Nintendo haven’t yet released a price, but GameStop have American preorders open – and a US release date for 19th May – at $89.99. It’s likely then that a UK price is going to be somewhere between £70 to £90. Pretty hefty for what is essentially a bit of plastic with a few ports in it.

It’s out in Europe on 23rd June. We’ll update if we find out any information regarding prices or pre-orders.

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